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Public Address System

Announcement systems perform a very important role in society and have a specific task of relaying information to visitors and customers in the fastest way possible. In larger systems, there will be multiple zones requiring matrix amplifiers to transmit messages across all areas from individual locations, and if one location wants to make an announcement to another location the system you’re using will need to be set up to do this. At times it may be beneficial to have multiple push-button paging microphones so that specific persons throughout the premises can speak to everyone at once without needing to go to one central point to begin the communication, which saves time and passes the message quickly to whoever needs to hear it.

The key to a successful announcement system is coverage, and this is where your system design comes in. In order to cover an open area there is a simple calculation involving the angle of sound projection and distance projected vs the power of the speaker, however in locations with multiple corners and tucked away areas working out how to get complete coverage in an affordable way can be more tricky. To avoid any audio black spots, a professional designer will use various different speaker types along with set calculations to ensure all spaces are covered accordingly and no one misses an important transmission.


Key Things To Consider When Designing An

Audio System:

  • Number of rooms that need sound.
  • The size of each room and the materials in the room which may affect the accoustics.
  • How you want to control the audio system.
  • Ambient noise levels.
  • What sources will be required e.g. microphones, music player.

AVT design and install audio systems for large venues, factories, warehouses, hospitals, lecture theatres, meeting spaces, pubs and bars, public areas and nightclubs.

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